About us

We are a Learning & Training Center accredited by ANAC (National Civil Aviation Administration) to take ICAO exams and train aviation personnel, ensuring the highest educational quality standards.

In 1998, ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) began to take note of the multiple aviation events (accidents and incidents) in which safety was directly or indirectly affected (among other factors) by errors in communication. After that, it adopted a series of measures, compiled together with others under the name SARPs (Standard and Recommended Practices), aimed at strengthening the linguistic skills requirements for pilots and air traffic controllers in operations.

In 2004, ICAO published its Document 9835/Annex 453, which clearly establishes that the correct use of standard phraseology is undeniably important and that, in cases in which this is not possible, the English language must be used, expressed in a simple manner, for which, both pilots and air traffic controllers should demonstrate a level of proficiency in that language.